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Geographical and economic information  of the city

City of 30.336 inhabitants, located in the South West of the county of Corrientes, a  336 km. of the county capital, 668 Km. of the  Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, 600 Km. of Córdoba,  to 340 Km. of Resistance (Chaco), 300 Km. of Santa Fe and 250 Km. of Paraná.

Colonial,  buildings with  Spanish and Italian styles, pictures their hoisted streets that they lower toward the Corriente river and that in spring they are tinted of fucsia and red because the lapachos flower, of yellow because the guaranes and of violet because the jacarandaes.

In the summer their streets and avenues vibrate to the sound of the drums, when being traveled by their luxurious processions of the carnival celebration, the city is illuminated with spangles and feathers that dress those comparseros in the warm nights of Corrientes.

The department cultivations are: watermelons, melons, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cotton, rice, lemons, etc. 

Great producer of excellent quality honey.

One industrial plant located in Esquina, produces, based on tree pine logs, sawn and dry lumber, planks and balusters and particularly mouldings, with high added value, used in the international market for the construction of homes and as components of door and windows.


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How to arrive?:


From the North you can take the national route  Number 12 that unites capital Corrientes with Esquina going by several cities of the county.

From the South, crossing the interprovincial bridge over the river Guayquiraró , you enter to the department of Esquina, at 30 Km. is the city.

You can arrive by air to the local Club for small airplanes, or make connection with the Airport in the neighboring city of Goya

You can arrive through numerous companies of buses with direct services to the city.

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Characterization and dynamics for the development

Information given by INTA Agency of Extension Rural Esquina

The department of Esquina occupies a surface of approximately 370.000 ha, characterized by 5 big ecological areas agriculture homogeneous (ZAH). 


AREA 1 Malezal:

It occupies 34% of the surface and this located the This of the department, those floors belong to the Iberian Series, and the vegetation this constituted for big pajonales where the ciperacias prevails, rushes and gramineous of high behavior.

This great part of the year with presence of permanent water, that that it characterizes to this area of the Dpto. 


AREA 2 fields Means:

It occupies 33% of the surface constituting a fringe that he/she runs of North to South, limiting to the This with the AREA 1. The floors belonging to the Series Chavarría is sandy, of low fertility and it doesn't possess mount natural. Depressions that conform numerous lagoons prevail and tidelands.

AREA 3 low field with mount: 

It occupies 17% of the Dpto. This sector belongs to the Ecological Atmosphere of pressure Iberiana, located to the South of the Dpto., with 2 defined reliefs, those high planes (you mount), and the low planes (taken a bath).


AREA 4 High fields:

It occupies 9% of the surface, he/she understands mainly the regions well-known as Kitchen knives and the Albardones of the Average River, to the South and to the north of the city.


AREA 5 area of Islands: 

It occupies 7% of the surface. Set conformed by the Rivers Paraná and Current to the west of the dpto., floors of the Series Paraná, strongly influenced by the behavior of the rivers.

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